Negotiating In Markets – Getting A Good Deal On Decor In Markets

One of the best parts of traveling is being able to traverse the local markets and purchase wares that aren’t readily available in other places. Seasoned travelers have decorative items from all over the world, many of which were acquired at rock bottom prices. It takes savvy and a willingness to bargain if you want to walk away from these transactions with good value and a sense of pride. If you lack these characteristics, you’re virtually guaranteed to overspend. Following is everything you need to know about negotiating in markets – getting a good deal on decor in markets.

Have A Basic Understanding Of The Language

Being able to bypass the language barrier when haggling with vendors is key. This doesn’t mean that you have to be fully fluent in the local patois, but you should be quick to recognize words pertaining to currency, quality and value. If you like shopping, use online resources to brush up on your speaking skills before heading to your chosen destination. Not only will this make it easier to understand what vendors are saying and to respond in kind, but it will also make you seem like you have a bit more experience than other tourists in shopping the market. It also pays to focus on careful pronunciation so that the words you do speak sound both natural and fluent.

Read Up On The Sales Practices Of The Locals

See what other tourists have said about their experiences in the local market. If vendors commonly price their wares high in expectation of seasoned negotiators, set a budget for what you want and stick to it. What you’ll find in most markets is that there are few items that can’t be found at other stands, even if these come with slight variations. Don’t be afraid to let sellers know that you’re willing to continue shopping around if necessary. Their eagerness to  close deals will make them far more flexible upon hearing this. If vendors price their wares excessively high, don’t be afraid to call up a similar item on your phone as a point of comparison. Sharing this info will prove that you have a clear understanding of the value of the offered goods and it will additionally create a good starting point for serious negotiations.

Be Respectful

When traveling into small areas in which vendors are wholly reliant upon tourism, be mindful that this is their livelihood. Don’t try to undercut prices so much that you’re leaving merchants without a reasonable profit. Shopping for decor in foreign markets can be a lot of fun. Part of the enjoyment you get, however, will likely come from the knowledge that someone will value the money that you wind up parting with, far more than you do. Being a bit generous in certain locations is a great way to establish a friendly rapport with the locals and make a truly positive impression.