3 Best Mexico Travel Destinations

Mexico is one of the most beautiful and affordable getaways the world over. From beautiful, historic cities to lux, sprawling beaches… it can be hard to choose just one spot for your whirlwind vacations – so why choose? These 3 Mexico travel destinations are some of the most exquisite in the country and will leave you never wanting to go back home…

Guadalajara – Rustic Meets Regal

Absolutely breathtaking, Guadalajara houses beautiful structures with a postcard-like atmosphere that will have you reaching for the camera. From the Guadalajara Cathedral to the Rotonda de los Jaliscienses Ilustres, the views are truly captivating. You’ll also want to be sure to visit the Regional Museum to lay eyes on some of the world’s only mammoth skeletons. If you are looking for adventure and beauty all rolled up into one… this is the place to find both.

Cabo San Lucas – Nature Meets Modern Luxury

Turquoise waters with foamy white surf… check. White sandy beaches… check. The best time of your life… CHECK. Cabo San Lucas is a favorite getaway to the stars and one of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world. With naturally eclectic rock formations, lovely coves and miles of beaches, Cabo San Lucas is a great place for that romantic getaway that you have been dreaming of with your forever someone.

Chihuahua – History Meets Happy Place

With plenty of historic significance, the city served as the operation headquarters for Division del Norte during the Mexican Revolution. History buffs will love stopping by the Historical Museum of the Mexican Revolution located right here in Chihuahua. The city also boasts of some of the most intriguing architecture and statues around, backed by the educational value of the city’s rich history. If you are coming to Mexico with a class or a history lover, you’ll have to be sure to make your way to this classic city where history meets modern day.

Whether you are planning a romantic getaway with your future husband to be or a fun family trip filled with wonder, whimsy and educational value, Mexico is the perfect place to find everything you hope to find in a memorable getaway. From historical wonders and beautiful, eclectic structures to beaches that beckon you to the water and the sand, the only disappointing Mexico travel destinations that will be on your list… are the ones you will miss out on. For Mexico travel information see the travel state.gov site



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